Engineering Back-Office Support

We’re here to support right through from design to installation

From the very beginning of a project, we understand the importance of getting the finer details right. A small miscalculation from the start could have big consequences later on in the build. That’s why our team of Hilti Engineers are available to assist you from the very start, to support you in the design and implementation of your installation. We’ve developed a series of new services and software to help optimize productivity and costs for your projects.


Correct specifications with ease.

With innovative solutions, Hilti can speed-up your specification process.

+ Request our Calculation service to support your design and calculation needs

+ Download our Hilti PROFIS design software to create your own effective designs

+ Download Hilti BIM objects to increase efficiency in your planning and design

+ Use our typical details for quick design and calculation

Tender Management

Fast and transparent quotes.

Hilti supports you through quick and reliable feedback on tender requests.

+ Need a fast quote? Try our Quotation service for a quick and transparent quote today

+ Looking for a more detailed Calculation? Try our calculation service

+ Request an on-site visit from our application experts


Productive engineering with a focus on safety.

Access our advanced engineering design software PROFIS Installation, fully supported by the Hilti Engineering team to ensure a productive and safe engineering process.

+ Request the Calculation service to get support for your design and calculation needs

+ Download our Hilti PROFIS design software to create your own effective designs

+ Download Hilti BIM objects to increase efficiency in your planning and design

+ Learn how Hilti can support you throughout the design phase of your project

+ Use our typical details for quick designs and calculations


The right products and services for perfect execution.

The new Hilti MQ installation portfolio offers easy handling and optimum load-bearing capacity for light and medium-duty applications.

+ Read about our latest innovations

+ Discover our complete product portfolio for modular support systems

+ Request an on-site visit from our application experts


Detailed and accurate documentation

Hilti offers comprehensive documentation to ensure you can seamlessly complete and hand over your project.

+ Download Approvals and certifications

+ Download Material certifications

+ One-stop-shop for all your drawings and calculations

+ Request a visit from our application experts during your project handover

+ Please give us your feedback


Quotation service

Our quotation service provides you with a tailor-made offer, to show you how much your project will cost using Hilti products. It’s an accurate and reliable way of estimating costs for your build.


  • Quick and reliable quotation service using our cutting-edge Hilti solutions
  • Reduces your time and effort to estimate material prices for your project offers
  • Consistent and transparent estimates supported by professional documentation
  • Seamless integration with our calculation and drawing services

Calculation service

Our calculation service covers everything in the quotation service and much more. We’ll take on all the leg-work in the design and calculation of your support system to deliver the most optimized solution for your build. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll take care of it.


  • Access to qualified Hilti Engineers
  • State-of-the-art design codes to meet your safety requirements
  • Professional industry standard documentation
  • Cloud-based solution so you can access your documentation from wherever you are working

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